Alpha Sigma Phi (AΣΦ)

Alpha Sigma Phi SEAL

Alpha Sigma Phi is the nation’s 10th oldest men’s fraternity in the United States. We were founded at Yale in 1845 upon the values of Silence, Charity, Purity, Honor and Patriotism. Today, we operate over 150 chapters and have 7,000 undergraduate members across the United States, Canada and Scotland. Alpha Sigma Phi has an invaluable network of over 60,000 living alumni and a variety of methods of connectivity. We offer leadership programming at the lowest costs in the nation and encourage our undergraduate men to develop their skills as leaders, leaving a legacy on campus and in their community.

Alpha Sigma Phi (A-Sig) is searching for Founding Fathers as they return to the UNH campus. Founding Fathers get the unique experience of creating the culture and starting the traditions while developing the Greek experience that they want. A-Sig is excited to be at UNH this semester and help shape distinguished leaders on campus. If interested, contact Ben (see below) for more information.

Contact: Ben Weathers