Individual fraternities’ rush schedules can be found on their personal page under the “CHAPTERS” tab.


Welcome to the University of New Hampshire’s Interfraternity Council website! UNH offers many unique opportunities and distinguishing experiences, but one of its many advantages is the possibility to join one of the nation’s best Greek communities.

The University of New Hampshire is home to 12 recognized fraternities with over 700 members, as well as a new chapter coming to campus. All of our members come from different backgrounds and celebrate their own religions, cultures, and identities, but are united in continuous pursuit of character, scholarship, leadership, service and brotherhood.

Fraternity men at UNH are known for attaining the highest leadership rolls in student government, performing cutting-edge research, dedicating thousands of hours to community service, leading organizations, attaining impressive GPAs, and leading successful lives at some of the most prestigious institutions worldwide. Most importantly, Greek life provides the opportunity to establish bonds with the most dedicated, talented, and diverse people on campus, bonds that will truly last a lifetime.

If you have any questions about Greek Life and the fraternity experience at UNH, please feel free to look over our website. If you still have any unanswered questions, please contact Austin Ahearn at ala1005@wildcats.unh.edu.